Thursday, March 22, 2012

The colour wheel, kids and cake

Miss P's current obsessions are telling the time ('It's twenty o'clock!'), making up her own words, the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the book Tikki Tikki Tembo. These obsessions change daily. Even hourly. But one thing she seems to hold onto is an ongoing fascination with which colours turn into which other colours when you mix them. She likes to do her colour mixing with paint. When she asks to paint, she doesn't really want to paint, she wants to mix colours in the glass of water for washing the brushes. This uses a lot of paint. And is messy. So is icing cakes. But at least you can eat them in the end. And it's much more fun than delivering a lecture on the colour wheel.

We made this cupcake recipe. It was so easy, I didn't even have to get out the electric mixer and P could pretty much do every step assisted.

Then we made the icing from that same recipe and got to mixing colours. Following the back of the box, we attempted some blending.

However, as it transpires, a toddler hears 'one drop' or 'two drops' as 'as many drops as you can put in before Mum stops you'. So we didn't end up with exactly what the back of the packet listed, but fun neverthless. And it was most exciting for her to see the colours transform before her very eyes.

I was not allowed to ice the cupcakes. My 'help' was only just tolerated but she did do a top job.

Waiting for me to take the photo was most tiresome!

And iced cupcakes are never quite complete until the sprinkles are added.

A delicious afternoon tea was had by all.

Although, if you look carefully you will see that one of us just ate the icing off the top.

Hint: it wasn't me.

Would love to hear other ideas for fun (or delicious!) creative activities for kids. Leave me a comment if you have an idea or a link to something fun you've done so I can check it out!