Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review - Belle & Boo Bubbles Before Bed To Do Book by Mandy Sutcliffe

I've been a long-time fan of Belle & Boo and so when I saw that Mandy Sutcliffe had created this adorable 'To do' book I knew it would make its way into our home one way or another.


As it happened, my lovely friend Renee gave me a copy a while back. Actually, technically, it was probably meant for Missy P but I'm holding out on her. Hey, you would put it away for 'safekeeping' too if you had a copy, I'm sure!


Full of fun activities like puppet-making, drawing prompts, even a hot chocolate recipe, it's the sweetest activity book I know.


And for me, the best bit: the paper dolly at the back. I'm a secret collector of paper doll books (shhh, I might show you sometime if you keep it quiet) and so this is an adorable addition to an already perfect little book.

Check out the Belle and Boo shop where Bubbles Before Bed is sold among so many other pretties!