Monday, February 20, 2012

Paper stores I adore - Melbourne

I've got a bit of a thing for paper, so lucky I live in Melbourne where there are so many lovely places to buy it! These are not so much art supplies stores as boutique stationery shops.

Zetta Florence, 197 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Zetta Florence sells stationery to drool over, if that's your thing (and that's my thing!) as well as beautiful and stylish presentation products like portfolio books and photo albums.

They also sell archival papers and storage products so if you have something special you'd like to hand down to future generations you can store it properly so that it doesn't degrade. There are three stores in Melbourne but the one I know and love is on Brunswick Street.

The other paper store I love is Il Papiro in my favourite city spot, Degraves Street.

They have lots of pretty writing papers, letter sets (oh, letter writing, a dying art!) and notebooks. A few years ago I bought a lovely wax seal of our entwined initials to seal our wedding invitations. I can still conjure the smell of the burning wax. I loved letting it drip onto the back of each envelope and pushing the brass stamp into it. So much fun, and a gorgeous result.

If anyone knows of any other lovely stationery stores such as these, either in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world (you never know, I might get there one day!) I'd love to hear about them!