Thursday, February 16, 2012

New works at Linden Postcard Show 2012

The Linden Postcard Show is on again and Kim and I have works on show. I have three artworks (acrylic on canvas) and Kim is exhibiting his new work Uncharted. It is a work of papercutting using an old map of Venice.

Artwork: Uncharted by Kim Wiley

Uncharted (detail) by Kim Wiley

The Postcard Show is a yearly exhibition held by the Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts and is a fun show to attend. Artworks have to measure 30cmx30cm or smaller and it's wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling art. If you want art, art is what you'll find (everything's for sale too). It's a veritable explosion of art and your eyes end up darting here and there, trying to take it all in, before your brain can catch up. No really, it's fun. Go to this page if you want to get an idea of the installation.

We're looking forward to getting along sometime soon. If you're in Melbourne, here are the details. The exhibition runs until Saturday 17th March.

Artwork: Uncharted by Kim Wiley