Sunday, February 26, 2012

Golden Hands - the collection

My mum told me she was checking out Flea Market Finds the other week and noticed in this post that Sophie had picked up some old copies of Golden Hands. Mum then casually mentioned that she had the whole set. Cue muffled gasp from me.

'What do you mean, "the whole set"?' I said. 'As in, all of them?'

Yes! She meant all of them. Kept in these collectors folders!

There are 5 folders and 15 magazines per folder. That makes 75 issues! The magazines are all in mint condition. Not a tear, not a stain. GASP! When she showed me one of the folders I had a flashback to my childhood and realised I remembered the set lining the bookcase, but I don't ever think I had a peek inside.


These magazines were published in the early 1970s and covered knitting, crochet, embroidery and sewing. Mum did a pattern-making and cutting course, then worked as an assistant designer, hence the enthusiasm for collecting them! She was young and very into fashion so she particularly looked for the funky sewing projects.

You know what else made me gasp? She also mentioned she'd been thinking of donating them to the op shop. Oh, the horror! Now I know about them, they're going nowhere!