Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Links

Image source: this post at the wonderful Her Library Adventures blog.

1. Her Library Adventures is a lovely blog with a focus on thrifting, design, fashion and books among other sweet topics. I like to link up to it on Sundays for Flea Market Finds when I uncover something noteworthy in an op shop. I also love the style and aesthetic of this blog - it's just so lovely! And by the way, it's written by a literature teacher. Three cheers for lit teachers! And for teachers in general ;)

2. This week I've been avidly following the Guest Blog at The Design Files. The Hungry Workshop are graphic designers and letterpress printers and this week they've designed a card inspired by TDF, each day showing a new step in the design and printing process. I didn't know a thing about letterpress before so it's been fascinating and rather educational. Today is the big reveal of their final design. Exciting!

Have a good one!