Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome, 2012, I've been waiting for you...

I've got a confession to make. I'm not the kind of person who goes around saying, 'I don't make resolutions!' When someone asks me what my new year resolutions are, I say, 'How long have you got?' and then the other person's eyes slowly glaze over.

I love making resolutions. Maybe it's because I like making lists. I'm the queen of lists. Or maybe it's because I like thinking about the future. I don't necessarily like doing the things required to make good on the resolutions, but I do like thinking about them. As a result my lists are usually fairly lengthy. My main problem is reigning them in.

This is my abridged list. Ha! Good luck to me.

I probably need to explain a few of those.

1. Oh okay, that one is self-explanatory. Crazy, huh? Not sure if I can do this but I'll give it a red hot go.

2. I'm a 'lurker' (eeeeek, hate that term!) meaning I read lots and lots of blogs but never leave comments. Or maybe about once a year I'll drop a line. I'm making a resolution to comment on the blogs I love because it's nice to know that people out there are reading and enjoying what you do. What goes around, comes around, eh?

3. Um, I guess that one's obvious too. I'm hoping to do this by the end of the month. Will keep you posted...

4. I've signed up to do a Camp Pikaland 6-week online illustration course starting in March. Hoping to share the results of some of my assignments with you...if they're not too cringe-worthy.

5. I want to start doing Illustration Friday after the Camp Pikaland course in order to keep the drawing muscles flexed and build on those skills.

6. Another obvious one. I usually don't like making my goals so general. It's like saying, 'exercise more' or 'eat properly'. I mean, what does that mean? I should really say, 'finish a painting a month' or 'work on a watercolour series'...actually, both are pretty good ideas now that I think about it. But I do have some paintings that I want to work on so I'll just leave it at that.

And then there are the other goals. You know, exercise more, eat properly, stop wasting time on Facebook. The usual suspects ;)