Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Book Finds

I made a trip to my local op shop this week to find an old picture book to cut up for crafting purposes (don't judge me!). But instead I found a bunch of gorgeous books I wouldn't dare cut up. Look at these lovely finds:

I think my favourite is When I grow up...what will I be? Each double-spread lists a grown-up job like: Nurse, Mechanic, Ambassador, Research Chemist! Awesome! And tells a little story about a character going about their daily tasks. Below is a collage of some pages from the book. The bottom-right image is from the 'Mechanical Engineer' page where engineer, Terence Trotter, invents a huge bath for piglets (rather like a car-wash it seems!).


My next favourite is Raggedy Ann - so bright and sweet!

Love these endpapers! So pretty.

So I'm thrilled with these finds and you can rest assured I won't be taking the scissors to any of these books!

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