Monday, January 16, 2012

A tour of Degraves

I love going into the city - the bustle and the buildings and that dynamic sense of movement. Workers, trams, buskers, shoppers, busy, busy, rush, rush. I love the main streets but I love the laneways better. And me and Degraves Street, we go way back.

Back to when I was twenty-one and studying in a building on that street. Break time and we'd all wander downstairs and grab a coffee at one of the cafes there. That's when I first started drinking coffee. How could I not?

Then much later me and a couple of friends formed a (very) informal writing group. How we started meeting up in Degraves Street I can't quite remember, but Degraves it was. We often strayed from the supposed 'writing' focus, of course, and ended up chatting about books, goals, dreams, creative pursuits, and, well, life really. You know how it is.

Then kids came along and the catch-ups became less frequent. But yesterday, we did it! We met up.

We had coffee, we talked, we laughed, we bought books. Always an essential ingredient of our catch-ups, the book-buying part. And I got to soak up the atmosphere in my most favourite little street. Yesss!

Okay, technically this collage is not of Degraves Street, it's Centre Place. But it sort of follows on from Degraves when you cross the side-street. It's known for its funky eateries and its graffiti, which is actually allowed in this location. Although my friend reminded me that not very long ago a very industrious council worker painted over a Banksy in a nearby laneway. Ooops!

Above is a collage of some of the lovely little shops on Degraves Street. The Little Bookroom is a specialist children's and YA bookstore - recently moved to this location I think because I remember when it was elsewhere. Then there's Little Cupcakes. YUM! Ill Papiro is a gorgeous boutique paper shop and Senior Art Supplies has a really great range of art materials. Heaven, right?

Oh, how I wish I could visit every week. But yesterday was enough to keep me going for a little while...