Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review: Paper Runway magazine

Paper Runway is a relatively new Australian magazine with a focus on all things paper: from artists, illustrators and designers who use it as their chosen medium to paper sculptors, cutters and creators who make breathtaking artwork out of the stuff.


This is the third issue of Paper Runway (I have the previous two as well) and it's just going from strength to strength. In my opinion this is the best issue yet, featuring a wonderful range of paper artists, products and ideas.

The magazine itself is beautifully designed. I especially like the stitching down the spine, which turns the humble magazine format into something special, luxurious and collectible.


With a retail price of $24.95, it is a sneaky indulgence, but I know I will linger over it for several weeks. If you're an artist of any persuasion, or just love paper products, it's well worth treating yourself.


It also comes with some freebies: a gorgeous bookmark from Earth Greetings and a DIY art project by Michael Leavitt which you can use to make a paper Converse shoe - yaysies!


We picked it up on the weekend at the lovely Lark. Kim has recently been working with paper cutting and folding so he was interested in it for those reasons, particularly the article on UK paper cut artist Mr Yen. Me, well, I love the illustrator interviews: Grace Lee, Lilly Perri and Emma Leonard in this issue.

I know you can order it online but it looks like you can also read the entire issue online here. Sweet!

But if you love paper as much as me, you probably want to hold it in your hands ;)