Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ode to Ikea

Oh, how I love your clean Swedish lines,
your ingenious design.
Your storage solutions excite me.
Sometimes when I see you
I'm overcome with desire,
an all-consuming need.
You're the solution to the problem I never knew I had.
(Oh, sweet Micke range!)
Upstairs you offer me the promise of another life.
A beautiful life, with more efficient use of space.
And food. Cheap food.
And downstairs, well, you're just irresistible.
I'd take you all if I could.
Ikea, you have taken over my home.
And I LOVE it.

Alas, we don't have a studio, or a dedicated room in the house to make art. A stand-alone studio in the backyard is the big dream but until that day arrives (in the very distant future) we've had to find other solutions to our space 'issues'. A while ago we tidied up our art supplies in this awesome cabinet which stands in the lounge room (above). But we have continued to use our dining table as our work space and this, quite frankly, has been doing our heads in.

Anyway, despite the fact that yesterday I said redecorating could only happen in my mind, when we went to Ikea this week to find colourful boxes for Miss P's toys, an idea was planted, and eventually realised. Our own desks! In the lounge room! Our dining table back!

And when we discovered that two Micke desks pushed together would fit the allotted space exactly, well, the universe was sending us a sign, wasn't it? And defying all logic, instead of crowding the space, these new additions have opened it right up. (Ahem, it may have something to do with our newly clutter-free dining table).

Our workspace fits behind our dining room table and is fairly inconspicuous.

My space, with a canvas-in-progress.

Kim's space. Map paper-cutting artwork headed for Linden.

The view from the kitchen. You can see we've swung the dining chairs round to use as desk chairs. It was impractical to add extra chairs here just for the desks.

And here's the space in the bigger context of the open-plan of our dining/lounge/kitchen, complete with busy toddler in foreground.

You have no idea how excited we are to have our own, dedicated work spaces. So excited in fact, I was moved to poetry ;)