Sunday, January 22, 2012

Livin' in the 70's

I don't do dresses. I generally live in jeans. Sometimes I'll wear skirts, but dresses, no.

But when I saw this hanging on the rack at my local Savers, it just seemed to be calling my name. I immediately loved the colours, that was the first thing that drew me to it.

But also, when I got up close, I realised it reminded me of dresses I'd seen my grandmothers wearing in photos from the 1970s. That floaty, flowing look. And the arms. Check out those wings!

When I showed Kim the dress in the store, the words he said ('try it on!') were completely at odds with the face he was making ('are you crazy'?)

But when I tried it on, he agreed with me - I had to have the dress.

Now...where to wear it?

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