Friday, January 6, 2012

Ikea love - Pt 2

Following on from yesterday's Ikea love-fest, I thought I'd show a few pictures of P's room. Note: these photos are from the brief, blissful period immediately after the organising was done.

I've had that tall Ikea 'Billy' bookcase for years and it's moved with me several times. The little bedside table/shelf we picked up this week. The colourful tubs spaced out on her shelves now contain categories of toys (eg: music, animals, puzzles) that were previously strewn around the house in various states of disarray.

The framed print is not Ikea, believe it or not. It's this one from The Black Apple. Love it! And what I want to do in the space underneath that print and above the bedside table is this with an Ikea spice rack. But they didn't have any in stock this week. Ah, well, just an excuse to return in a month or two!

And here is a small dedicated bookcase (also in the Billy series) at the foot of her bed.

And that, my friends, is quite enough about Ikea from me.

So can you believe it, I made it through a whole week of blogging daily!? Um, how many more weeks of the year to go?

As you might be able to see I'm slowly re-designing the blog to give it a new look but unfortunately it can't happen overnight. Actually, strike that, with two little kids it can only happen overnight! When else do I get the time but in the wee hours?

Okay, I'm bracing myself for another week of blogging. And kind of wondering when I'll have time to get any art done. Hmm, maybe I didn't think this through. Oh well, a deal's a deal. See you Monday!