Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blogging inspiration

Still on the topic of resolutions, this article caught my attention in Saturday's paper. Last new years eve Bronwyn Bowerman made a resolution to complete - and blog about - a craft project every single day of the year. Yes, that's right, every day. Crazy? But she did it! Whilst working full-time too as a fashion designer.

 (The Saturday Age, 'Life & Style', Dec 30-31 2011, p18)

The result was 365 Days of Craft which I've just browsed through and found some cool, quirky and unique craft ideas. The sheer variety of projects she has devised is staggering. The newspaper article also noted that she is getting married this month and I see on the blog that she has put her crafty skills to good use for her nuptials. Check out this gorgeous table setting she made out of sticks from her backyard. Genius.

Kudos to you, Ms Bowerman. I take my inspiration from you. My lofty goal of blogging every weekday seems to pale in comparison to actually going to the trouble of making something and then blogging about it. My goal now seems much more do-able.