Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog Launch! (or 'what's this blog about anyway?')

A while back I set today as my own official 'launch' date for the revamp of this blog. I guess I was giving myself a deadline to make it a little prettier, work out a new direction and decide how often I was going to post. I tend to need deadlines, or I end up sitting on the couch eating chocolate and watching Ellen during the kids' nap times. Nothing wrong with chocolate. And I love Ellen. But I also love doing things too.

So...I did it. I prettied the blog a little (still a work-in-progress), I decided on what I wanted it to be (also a work-in-progress), and I made the resolution to post every weekday.

Why? Because with a toddler almost three, and a baby of four and a half months, I need a creative outlet. And I like to write. Every day? Well, I didn't really think that through. But so far, it's been fun and I'm really loving it: having the deadline, collating information, developing ideas, taking photos, writing posts. I'm thinking about stuff. And not just about sleep routines and developmental stages and how much washing I have to do/hang up/put away (I really don't want to think about that one).

But what am I trying to do with this blog? Well, I not only wanted a place where Kim and I could show what we're working on (painting, illustration, paper cutting and folding), I also wanted to make it a creative space where people could come for inspiration; a place I would like to visit. And with that in mind I've developed a theme for every day of the week. And this is how it's going to go:

The Monday Feature: this is where I feature an illustrator or artist, product or place, experience or idea. Basically it's just an excuse to write about whatever I feel like ;)

The Tuesday Review: picture books, art and illustration books, books on creativity and creative thinking, freelancing, small business, style and design and the occasional magazine.

The Wednesday Interview: this is the most exciting one! Starting this Wednesday I interview creative people I admire: illustrators, artists, crafters, writers. I'm curious about other people's creative processes and practice. I love hearing about how other people go about their work, get their inspiration and overcome creative blocks.

Creative Space on Thursdays: on this day I show what Kim or I are working on. I also like to link up with Our Creative Spaces.

Friday Links: a weekly round-up of fun, interesting stuff I found on the web during the week.

Sunday Flea Market Finds: I post on Sundays whenever I find something worth sharing in my op-shopping travels.

I've also put buttons along the top bar which link to pages where I'll collate the features, book reviews and interviews so that if you miss anything you can easily track it down.

(Bunting outside Lark)

If you'd like regular updates on what's going on here head on over and 'like' the Art by Wiley Facebook page. Also, I'm a Twitter newbie but I also plan to keep you updated via tweets (is that the lingo?) so follow me if you're keen...maybe you can show me how to use it at the same time.

So there you have it! Happy launch! I'm raising my metaphorical glass of champers right now, welcoming you to my creative space online and hoping you'll stop in and say hello every now and again.