Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review - The Suitcase Series 1: Camilla Engman

Being a bit behind the times I've only recently discovered Camilla Engman, her fabulous artwork and her lovely blog. Not so long ago I got my hands on a book all about this fascinating artist.

It's beautifully designed and produced - each page is a visual feast of photographs (many of them taken by Engman herself) and artwork. And there is just enough text to learn about the artists' life and work without taking away from all the eye candy.

Engman's work is at once completely identifiable, but also extremely diverse. Her fine art is both humorous and dark, ranging from cute to unsettling.

Her colour palatte is one identifying feature of her art, as is her illustrative line-work. There's something very compelling about her images so I'm glad that this book is full of them!

I love that it also includes images of her life, home, studio and ephemera.

I was so sad to read that her famous dog, Morran, passed away recently but what a wonderful life he had. When I ordered the this Suitcase Series book, it arrived with some other goodies.

One of them a mini photo-book of Morran's adventures (top right), which is a lovely keepsake. Farewell, Morran, you will live on in our collective memory.

The Suitcase Series is a project by Uppercase and I'm eagerly anticipating editions to come and the chance to peek into more artists' lives.

(Back cover with 'baggage tag')

You can buy The Suitcase Series 1: Camilla Engman here.