Friday, December 2, 2011

Design Files Open House

We spent an awesome morning wandering around The Design Files Open House in Fitzroy. It's a concept pop-up shop, but in a house, and everything is for sale. Really, everything. From fixtures to furniture to artwork.

The idea was conceived of by Lucy Feagins, blogger extraordinaire, and the execution is breathtaking. Especially when you go upstairs - wow. If you suffer from house envy, you're bound to get a big bout of it!

On the balcony you can get a coffee and a cupcake if you so desire, and sit under the most gorgeous umbrellas.

If you live in Melbourne it's worth a visit over the weekend, as it's open for another two days. You can find the details here. Or if you can't make it, there are much better photos than mine here.

Here are some Dawn Tan originals. Oh, how I love Dawn Tan!

And my newest favourite discovery, artwork by Dane Lovett:

Such a cool idea for a pop-up. Highly recommend you pop in!