Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magazine love

Not being in the mood to start a new book at the moment I've been getting into magazines:

Frankie, I have just realised, I have been buying for a year or more without missing an issue. Maybe I should just give in and get a subscription. Smith Journal is a new offering from the publishers of Frankie: it's 'man Frankie' as Kim describes it. Empty is art, illustration and photography - no text - and it comes out infrequently but it's well worth a look for checking out some amazing work. UPPERCASE is a Canadian import (art/illustration/craft) and a little bit indulgent price-wise but fabulous. And Paper Runway is a new(ish) magazine about all things paper (aimed at those with a paper fetish...ah, paper!).

And there's one more magazine I'm keen on getting my hands on - the first issue has just been printed and should be on its way to me very soon. It's called Big Kids Magazine and it's a creative art-based children's magazine. I'm so looking forward to it!