Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby bunting

UPDATE: click here for a tutorial on how to make your own recycled picture book bunting!

My love of bunting seems to have suspiciously coincided with its resurgence in popularity. Funny how that often happens. I've seen some gorgeous offerings on Etsy and Made It but I always felt I wanted something a bit more personalised, plus I wanted to make it myself. The fact that I can't sew to save my life, nor do I own a sewing machine proved a small barrier to making what I was after. My epiphany came when I stumbled across this blog post by We Heart Books. I then did a bit of a search and found this stunning one by Geninne, a favourite illustrator of mine.

I scoured my local op shop for suitable books. The idea of cutting up any of the gorgeous old books I found pained me, but I eventually found a copy of Seven Little Australians which was the right size and had illustrations which would suit the look I wanted, but wasn't really in good enough condition to keep. I felt a pang of guilt when the woman at the counter gushed over the book when I purchased it but I stayed single-minded in my decision to butcher it.

I purchased some cheap twine and set about cutting up the pages with the best illustration coverage, using a stencil I'd made from the first flag I cut.

Then it was a simple matter of gluing and folding the top of the flags over the twine at even intervals. I knew I wanted it to hang flush against a wall so I didn't bother with making both sides presentable.

I think it looks pretty cute. It hangs above the cot where I'm reluctant to hang glass frames and putting canvas artworks there might be a bit of overkill seeing as I have a picture feature wall on the adjacent wall.

There's one thing I'd still like to make – a cloud mobile out of foam sheets. I might get it done before bub's arrival or I might not...we'll see!