Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's hot and what'!

I've always wanted to do one of those 'what's hot' and 'what's not' lists you see on other people's blogs but the only 'not' I can think of is this weekend's AFL grand final replay, which I have no patience for (spoken like a true football heretic) but Kim doesn't mind at all. So I won't put that in ;-)

Instead I'll focus on my current top 5 'hots':

* Oslo Davis, cartoonist. I have only just discovered him! He has a regular cartoon in the Sunday Age where he illustrates a comment overheard in public. And now he has a book of collected said illustrations, titled Overheard, funnily enough, which I bought on impulse yesterday after I laughed out loud in the bookshop.

* Washington. Can't stop listening to her album I believe you Liar.

* Sloane Crosley. I read somewhere she was a little like David Sedaris, which is why I tracked down her book in the first place. She's put out a new one since but I'm reading I was Told There'd be Cake. I can see some similarities - she's a little edgy, droll, sardonic - but she's just a really engaging writer of humorous, personal stories about odd things like how she came to have a toy pony collection. Ok, maybe she's a bit Sedaris-esque.

* Mad Men. Can TV writing get any better? And the smoking and drinking and carousing! How did they ever get any work done in the 60s?

* Heston Blumenthal. Sometimes I mentally tune out when he's making something with brains or guts or what-not, but I'm obsessed with his desserts. What I would give to be a dinner guest!

So there you go - my very own 'what's hot' list. That was fun. I'll try and put some more thought into the 'what's not' aspect of the exercise next time.