Monday, August 9, 2010

The Tree wins award!

Yesterday Kim and I attended the launch of the Melton Art Show where my painting The Tree was awarded the Best Other Medium Award.

'The Tree' - Jodi Wiley (Acrylic on Canvas) 2010

I was incredibly surprised and thrilled. It's such a great honour to be acknowledged in this way and I really feel encouraged to keep pursuing the kinds of paintings I want to do. Judge, Paul Northam, had kind and supportive things to say and it was really nice to have a chat with him after the presentations.

Jodi Wiley - 'The Tree' Melton Art Show 2010

So, this week, fueled with renewed motivation and inspiration, we are going to get back into it after a bit of a break. So many ideas, so little time. Missy P is on the move now, walking like she hasn't only been doing it for three weeks, and curious as curious can be, so life is a lot busier. But nap times and night times will be painting times once again...