Monday, July 5, 2010

Studio Dream

The artwork is slow-going at the moment. Life's just got in the way. But between artworks we have been fantasising about building a backyard studio. Just been browsing the net and here are some of my faves at the moment:


I love the outlook into the garden in that last one.

Most of these are pre-fab studios, which really would be a lot easier, but the space we have available is an odd-shape so I don't think anything out there would actually fit. The other part of the plan is to build it only with found and recycled materials so it would not only be environmentally respectful but a hellava lot cheaper than building with all new.

Anyway, this is a bit of a dream at the moment. A dream to reclaim our kitchen table for starters! But to also have a retreat to go to in the backyard - somewhere quiet, with space for working and thinking. Not sure when we'll get to do this but it sure would be great.