Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art by Wiley takes Rose St by Storm

This is how the Rose Street Artists' Market entrance looked earlier in the day:

You couldn't have imagined a lovelier day than this. The sun was out, the sky was a perfect blue, it was t-shirt weather, and people were out for a stroll, a coffee, a diversion, a nice little poke around the market. But suddenly the weather changed. The sky turned green. Green! That's when the outdoor stalls started packing up. Wisely, as it turned out. Because this is what happened:

The photo really doesn't do it justice. Hail the size of golf balls (never seen anything like this!) was ricocheting off market umbrellas and marquees as stallholder scrambled to cover their wares. Indoors, it sounded like machine-gun-fire on the tin roof above us. It was a little scary actually. Here's a golf-ball sized piece of ice come to rest on the clear roof above us.

Meanwhile, parts of Melbourne's city centre were completely flooded with the water level to the tops of car-tyres. Very, very strange indeed.

After the deluge the market was pretty quiet, as you can imagine. So we had a coffee and cheesecake, as you do, from the excellent Kanteen at Rose Street and packed up a little early. Which meant we got to see Little Miss P a little earlier too, which is always the highlight of any day.

Here's a look at our set-up yesterday before the market opened:

We were an island stall so we got to surround ourselves with canvases. It was a lot of fun. Rose Street is such a friendly, lovely market and we're looking forward to doing it again a bit later in the year, minus the extreme weather we hope. Will keep you posted.