Friday, October 9, 2009

Swing Set and little fishes

A friend of ours alerted us to the fact that our last post may be construed as bragging vis-à-vis the sleeping baby thing (thanks Kate ;-). So, for the record, I'd just like to clarify that our baby sleeps a lot at the moment, and it hasn't always been so, and may not be so in the future, so don't hold it against us! For the time being we are taking full advantage of the situation and getting lots done during nap times.

I have finally finished the last picture in my Swing Set:

But I'm undecided about whether these paintings are for sale or not because I've become a bit attached to them.

I spotted Kim doing some interesting things with foil earlier – he's making little silvery fishes for a new painting. They're looking pretty cool, I have to say.